Value Stock:Advance Information Marketing (AIM)

May 6, 2008

Advance Information Marketing Berhad, together with its subsidiaries, provides customer loyalty management solutions and business process outsourcing services. It develops and offers loyalty and database management software applications and information technology infrastructure. The company provides integrated solutions in the management of customer loyalty services; procurement solutions through local suppliers and mail order programs; international outsourced procurement services; business intelligence solutions; integrated marketing solutions; contact center management solutions; technology infrastructure solutions; and contract manufacturing services for the manufacture of electrical products and home appliances. It has operations primarily in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. The company was incorporated in 2004.


Advanced Information Marketing Bhd (AIM) is acquiring a 25% stake in Customer Loyalty Solutions (Shanghai) Co Ltd (CLSS) for US$410,300 (RM1.44 million) to further expand the sales of its products to the wide consumer market in China. With the current state of China’s economy, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for loyalty management services across all verticals.

The expectations of the average Chinese consumers had increased and they no longer were comfortable to patronise state-owned stores and unsanitary outdoor markets. This presents a unique opportunity for a loyalty services provider, who could help companies operating in China capture the loyalty of its humongous customer base. China is emerging as a viable location for business process outsourcing.

Aside from low labour costs, there was a growing population of skilled workers with the required linguistic skills, translating into potential contribution to the country and establishing itself in the field of loyalty programme management.

AIM is collaborating with Japan to launch an online shopping website ( This portal shall be offered to the clients as part of the value added service offerings of the company and to promote online transactions and member retention. This initiative is in line with the expected increase in internet users in Malaysia and around the world. The website allows the client’s members and consumers who purchase or signed-up for the IMAGE magazine to place their fashion orders directly via the online website. Eventually, this business model is targeted to reach a wider audience and supplier base.

AIM seeks to expand strategic co-operation and knowledge sharing with COLLOQUY business partners in North America, Europe and Japan into possible joint ventures. It has on-going business development in Indonesia in particular the financial services and retail sector.


AIM is trading at 0.290, P/E around 5, Dividend around 8%, large cash reserves for future Joint Venture. AIM recently proposed bonus issue on the basis of one (1) new ordinary share for every five (5) existing shares held on an entitlement date to be determined later. Read about its clients here