The author of this blog is an analyst from a famous research house in Malaysia. This website is about his investment philosophy on the application of value investing in Bursa Malaysia.Value investing is applicable in Bursa Malaysia but what are the limitations and modifications?

Being a value investor himself, the author will share and discuss his experience in applying value investing in Bursa. This blog will focus on matters related to value stocks,business,management and recent issues in public listed companies.

3 Responses to Introduction

  1. t says:

    just to let u know, credit suisse had a strong buy call on astro, it says astro is the best pick for 2008. target 7.08. Good u.

  2. confidence says:

    Wondering wether Astro is a good buy for value investing.. since its technology driven and backed up by the gov. What will happen once Astro contract/licence wif the gov expires? They will not have anymore monopoly on the market. I guess u have ur reasons, maybe u know something that i dont.

  3. boyboycute says:

    All reply has been posted in my new blog.

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