Another Value Recommendation

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7 Responses to Another Value Recommendation

  1. teoh says:

    give me more infomation

  2. Hao says:

    Can you do a research on WCT & Topglov .
    Can you teach me how to gather data and analyze ?

    I am very curious how and where you get your information from .

    • boyboycute says:

      Reliable information is very costly and difficult to obtain.

      My information comes from various sources including contacts. Since I’m working in this industry,it’s very easy for me to tap into the information earlier than the public.

  3. Hao says:

    Request For Data
    If you require research data on any companies in Bursa Malaysia,please leave us a comment.We will post it out for you for FREE !

    What is your mail , how can i contact you ?

  4. Hao says:

    Thx in advance

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