Astro’s New COO

According to PRWEEK,Astro is going to get Henry Tan from GroupM as COO. The news is attached below.So,who is Henry Tan?Let’s read about him in the news attached below.  


Tan departs GroupM for Astro

KUALA LUMPUR – Henry Tan (pictured), the chief executive of GroupM Malaysia and Singapore, is leaving to join Astro as the Malaysian media company’s chief operating officer.

Tan confirmed the move, but would not comment further on the news.

The highly regarded executive has spent 17 months running GroupM Malaysia as well as Singapore, an additional role he was handed following the departure of former GroupM South and Southeast Asia CEO Andre Nair.

Mark Patterson, GroupM’s Asia Pacific COO, said the search was underway for a successor, and would be interviewing internal and external candidates.

“Henry is an outstanding individual,” said Patterson. “He has been one of our most accomplished leaders. He was there at the formation of MindShare and has served the network brilliantly for 10 years. He will be a hard act to follow.”

Astro is one of Southeast Asia’s largest commercial radio, satellite television and magazine publishers, with operations in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.


The following news is from Adoimagazine.


I have had a fixation about the likeness of Henry Tan, CEO of GroupM Malaysia, and my favourite martial arts genius Bruce Lee ever since the first time I met Henry. Maybe that’s why I already admire him, even before knowing more about him. In fact, Henry Tan is like an open book, a refreshing change from most of the media pundits you see around town. In a sentence: he has nothing to hide. And that’s how our conversation began….

The Man Who Has Nothing To HideContent is not necessarily king, distribution is king and engagement is the ultimateBy THE HAMMER

Henry Tan’s easy-going demeanour makes it very difficult for one to grasp the fact you are talking to someone who has made a legendary mark on not only the Malaysian media scene but also across the region and the world. Awarded National Agency Head of the Year at the MEDIA AsiaPacific Agency of the Year Awards was only the beginning for Henry as head of MindShare Malaysia. The mind-blowing part is this sifu of ours also beat the rest of the world to wrest the MindShare Worldwide Global Agency of the Year in the MindShare network at a worldwide summit recently! To understand this phenomenon one has to see Henry as a Malaysian first, and a world-beater second.

He speaks animatedly about his challenges and sings glowing praises of his team members like a boy in a candy store. As I sat back to listen to his tales at the Starbucks outlet on the Ground floor of his offices in Menara Millennium, Henry wanted no time regaling me about the achievements of his colleagues. And the time when he was confronted by a brand agency working on the same client he was handling, on why they were doing the creative assignment; a mainstay of the brand agency’s offering. Rather than get into a debate about who’s crossing the line, he let the work speak for itself. And the campaign has been running for the fifth year now – entirely conceived and executed by MindShare for a multi-national advertiser!

“Sadly, innovators are penalized rather than rewarded. Many in the industry are defending their turf rather than aiming to excel. They would rather hijack good ideas to prevent them from blossoming rather than be challenged by them.”

Serious words from the man who is more than qualified to say so.Besides running Malaysia’s hottest media specialist group comprising MindShare, Mediaedge.cia, MediaCompete, Motivator and Maximize, with total media billings in excess of 30% of Malaysia’s adex, Henry has steered MindShare to post double-digit revenue growth, winning all major business pitches and achieving a 100% client retention rate for 2005.MindShare Malaysia alone accounts for over 15% of Malaysia’s adex!

There was talk about creative and media going head-on in the battle for revenues and lines of control, what’s your take on this?There is no confusion. Both are important. Creativity or content is the product and media is the distribution. I am not ashamed to say that. And the channels of distribution for messages have become increasingly important with media proliferation. Content is becoming more of a commodity and is only the beginning of something far more important: an engaging conversation that lives on (ideally) or dies (quickly) if it doesn’t engage audiences.

Content is not necessarily king, distribution is king and engagement is the ultimate.

Where’s the excitement in the media space now?Everywhere! The television remote control is the most powerful device in the hands of consumers, and now the mobile phone. Look at media phenomena like Akademi Fantasia and Malaysia Idol and you’ll sense the power of mobile phones .

Blogs are another area where consumer-generated content (CGC) or user-generated content (UGC) is driving the way forward. Look at what happened to poor Neil French, death by blog. Even our ex Prime Minister agreed to be interviewed by MalaysiaKini, an online news portal.

Everyone is recognizing the power of the internet.While TV talks to you in a uniformed message for the masses, the internet has a different feel to its experience. It seems to talk to you one-to-one, but in actual fact it is also talking to millions. One has to get a handle on how the media works these days. If nobody criticises you, it doesn’t mean you are right. In fact, dialogue is good. Any feedback is good. That’s how consumers get closer to you. That is the new language of interaction.

Conversation is the ultimate form of engagement.Henry, many media owners especially the smaller ones and those in the ambient space say they do not have a chance in hell to air their media options to advertisers because media specialists get in the way and screen them first…

May the best proposal or idea win, irregardless of where it came from.I have nothing against media owners talking to advertisers, we can’t possibly talk to clients all the time about all the media available in the country. These are the rules of engagement the new media democracy that is already upon us. At the end of the day we, as media specialists, are custodians of the clients’ interest and as long as the client understands there is no fear in the relationship being short-changed by a media owner offering a direct deal to an advertiser, it should be ok I tell my clients they can talk to anyone.

I’m not afraid of losing clients, I’m afraid of not doing good work!

You mentioned about media owners consolidating…It is happening already. Look at Media Prima – they virtually own free-to-air. AMP Radio Networks have the radio territory covered and ASTRO is dominant in pay TV. The Star is an institution in its own right for print. We increasingly a seller’s market and this trend can be worrying. In the media buying arena, size matters more and more.

Where’s the potential for growth?The middle-income level Malay consumer is the single largest and fastest-growing segment in our marketplace. We need to arm ourselves with the depth of understanding and grasp the softer issues of this audience to tap into their psyche and potential. This is easier said than done, especially when you look at our industry which is mostly Chinese professionals. Clients question me too; about my feel for this target audience. My answer is simple: look at my team, we have some of the best brains in the market and they are of the same race and have a thorough understanding of the target audience. There’s no escaping the fact that this is where the potential is.

What’s the biggest fear you see in our industry?The fear of unlearning. Too many of us fear the process of unlearning old things and having to change to new ways of doing things.

MINDSHARE WINS AGENCY OF THE YEAR!MindShare pipped Universal McCann to emerge Agency of the Year champions at the recent Malaysian Media Specialists Awards show on June 9 in a glittering ceremony at the Grand Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental. Carat won third placing.

HENRY HUMBLED26 hours after he first stepped out of his home in Petaling Jaya, Henry Tan had arrived in the hushed ambience of the Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles. He was in no mood for another marathon session, be it a meeting or even a long-drawn drink by the bar. As he greeted his MindShare colleagues from all around the world, the senior management of over 90 offices across 65 countries, the weariness gave way to quiet anticipation.

It was the stage for the inaugural MindShare Worldwide Global Agency of the Year Awards. MindShare Malaysia had just won the best for the AsiaPacific region, which was a big surprise to Henry who always held his India agency in great awe.

But the moment of truth had come and the night went to Mindshare Malaysia as it clinched the highest accolade in the MindShare world! Henry was stumped, the rest of the world were more stumped to see an Asian office dominate the world. Henry tells ADOI, “I was humbled.” And ADOI replied, “It looks like Malaysia humbled the world!”




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